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There are few things in life that are completely perfect in their raw form. But flowers are. Put together carefully and with purpose, flowers can create powerful gestures and tell important stories. There’s just something about flowers; they can take your breath away, they can bring about smiles, they can make your heart boom and bloom.


Creating bespoke pieces for weddings and events is a joy for me. I enjoy being able to collaborate with people, bringing something special to their events. I’ve been refining my style and approach for the past few years, and have been so lucky to work with some amazing brides and event planners who have brought out the best in my passion. I love everything vintage and the romantic images it conjures up, so I always try to bring an element of this to my pieces. There’s just something about the aesthetic that makes you sigh happily. Life’s too short to do something that doesn’t make you happy. 


Bella & Ruby is named for my beautiful grandmothers. They were two very wonderful women who took pride in looking after their families and making others happy. Flowers are a bit of a family tradition. My mother was a florist for several years in her later life; it was a craft she always had a natural talent for. She created the florals for all the weddings in our family, as well extended family and friends. I’ll always treasure those moment of them seeing what Mum had created especially for them. I loved seeing how happy floristry made her, and I realised that same passion was within me. 

Working with Bella & Ruby


Dried flowers? Fresh blooms? Fragrant bouquets? Lush archways? I love working with people to bring their vision and dreams to life.


Creating bespoke pieces is where my passion lies. With a bit of direction from you, some suggestions on colour palette and style, I can bring to life the most stunning pieces from letting my creativity and inspiration combine. Of course, if you’ve got a very clear idea on what you’d like that’s great too!

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